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"I have to say that I've done previous photo shoots with other photographers and by far this has been the BEST one!
The photos look amazing due to all the creativity involved in the outfits, hair and makeup and backgrounds!
Sunee created all the looks for my photo shoot, which I loved! All I had to do was pose and have fun!

Since I'm not a professional model, I was a little nervous but Sunee and Gil made me feel so comfortable,
that while we were shooting I was comfortable enough around them to just be myself and have fun!
I've received so many compliments on the pictures! Everyones like WOW, "Who picked the outfits?"
"The lighting in the pictures were Amazing!" It was all done by Sunee and Gil I tell them!

I'm definitely coming back for more!

Thanks Sunee and Gil for such a wonderful experience! One picture is a million words..."


"Sunee and I met very casually through a mutual friend but it wasn't until she approached me
for photos that I knew of her profession. She asked if we could arrange for a day to take some photos.
Usually, I'd be a little weary from such a proposal. Pictures? What kind of pictures...and for what?
She happened to have some of her photos on hand. I took a look and next thing I knew I had my planner
out and we were booking a date.

Our shoot was fantastic. It was a wonderful day in which I felt entirely comfortable and at ease.
I've worked with a few other photographers and I'd have to say that Sunee and Gil were the best.
As a team, their creative energy kept the shoot alive. By creating a balanced mix of 'thinking outside of
the box' and professionalism they were able to capture beautiful moments.

GNS understands that its not about creating beauty, its about capturing the beauty thats already there."


"The GNS  Photography team are excellent photographers. 
We used them for both our pregancy pictures and our baby announcements. 
They captured moments that we didn't think could be caught on camera. 
GNS made my wife and I feel comfortable and relaxed. 
During our time together they took hundreds of pictures for us to choose
just the right ones to cherish these precious moments in our lives.

We will use them again as they come highly recommended. "

Jose & Patty

"I'm not a spot light chaser.  I don't like a lot of attention. 
But for my 31st birthday, I thought it would be fun to have some professional photo's taken of me. 
Sunee made me feel very comfortable.  She talked to me the whole time & helped me to forget that
I was being photographed.  She was also very good at coaching me when I wasn't sure what to do. 
I'm very happy with the end results & look forward to doing it again."


"Gil and Sunee's website in itself is a testimonial to their dedication in beginning a family oriented pictorial.
As time lapses and future pictures are taken; we shall be more grateful to their dedication to photography.
Most importantly there is no substitute to family oriented pictures. I am sure the rest of the family is
grateful as they have also contributed with their own pictures. I commend both of you for this great effort. 
I am really proud of our family, and as we grow it is inspiring to see the new generation grow.

Bring us more delightful pictures!"


“Sunee's passion for photography shines through in the brilliant pictures she has taken of the multiple generations
of our family in gatherings, birthdays, weddings and births. She has a keen eye and a great sense of composition,
lighting and pose. The very essence of our sons, Adan and Esteban has been captured with the glimpse of the eye
and the click of the button and forever immortalized.  We are always amazed at the quality of the pictures,
expression and color and the surprise when we view them as we are always very pleasantly surprised. 
Photography is a core essential in our lives and through GNS; we have been able to rejoice again and again by the
mere glimpse of pictures past.

Veronica and Angel

"With what I've seen from the pictures of the Gomez wedding, Christmas, and the gatherings there after,
I was impressed with the photography, skill, and friendly interface of the website (at least I could figure it out)..." 


"Sunee captured the most beautiful moments from our wedding that we would have otherwise missed.
She has a great eye for capturing the natural expressions which to us, made our pictures that much more special. 

We look forward to our next sessions with them for our pregnancy and baby pictures."

George and Ursula

"I was expecting my first child when Sunee & Gil suggested having photos taken of my husband and me.
I was a little unsure at first simply because I was about 30lbs. heavier and a little puffy.
Sunee assured me that the photographs would turn out fine and suggested taking the pictures
at the same park where my wedding pictures were taken.
Well, the photos were beautiful with all the credit due to GNS photography.
The pictures captured the joy my husband and I were experiencing and we felt at ease during the entire session.
Even the "warm up" pictures were keepers!

I look forward to our family photo session this year with GNS Photography!"

Adria and Rick

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